Doon the Watter
Glasgow Fair Saturday at Dunoon

When Lord Provost Ewing came to Dunoon, bought the land around the old castle and proceeded to build the Castle House, he could not have realised that in his wake would follow floods of Glasgow holidaymakers eager to enjoy all the delights of the seaside.

First came the rich Glasgow merchants who built fine holiday homes and came for the summer, bringing their staff with them. Children enjoyed the healthy sea air while Papa travelled daily to Glasgow to his business, using the fine new steamers.

Waverley at Dunoon Pier

By the 1890’s paddle steamers of competing companies were racing against each other to the handsome pier at Dunoon. Paw, Maw and the weans would come ashore complete with trunks or roped up hampers, making for one of the many hotels or boarding houses. Then it was down to the shore ready with buckets and spades and hoping for a trip on an "oary boat"