Not many bears stay in a Castle so I think I am very special. I am very old and used to stay in the home of Major Bennett a very important man who lived in Dunoon. I was looked after by his three children and I liked them just as much as they liked me.

Just to prove how special I am I arranged to have a picture taken of the little button which is in my left ear. All really good bears have this. 

Struan Lodge c 1900

I am so old I cannot remember my name but I think it would be nice if it was Struan after Struan Lodge the house I used to stay in. It is still there in Bencorrum Brae, Dunoon,  and now is home to a lot of nice people. Maybe I will pay them a visit soon.

Teddy Bear and many other items were donated to the Museum by Miss Josephine Bennett who despite being a practising lawyer spent a lifetime researching both local history and archaeology.

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