Hello everyone. I know you have all just been waiting for a wee post on this site. It is near time for the Museum to open again and as always there is much to do. I decided it was high time that our storage area was given a bit of attention. I knew it would be a big task but it has turned out to be a major activity which has occupied me for some time now. An eight hour shift today, which I thought would finish the task, was an underestimate of the work required and I will be back tomorrow. I just want to get it completed so that I can concentrate on ringing the changes with one or two new exhibits.

Time will tell! Appreciate the help from a few regulars. Bad news for the two ladies ( and brother of one ) who thought they were near completing their monumental task of sorting out our collection of period clothing as I have found a fair bit more. I am confident however you will again rise to the challenge. Special thanks to our very helpful assistant who, when required, delivers our rubbish by trailer to the skips. It is much appreciated. The next bit is a wee plea for assistance and is somewhat unusual. As we are all in on Wednesday mornings, is there anyone out there who could pay a visit to pick up some of the many embroidered items we have come upon and take them home to carefully launder them before they are suitably stored. Seems a pity not to take this opportunity to take care of what must have taken many hours to do. Some are quite stunning.

In this way you will be able to support your local Museum which has been providing good service for Dunoon for over 20 years. Work is ongoing to create a new Website but more about this in due course. Bye for now and hope you like the pictures!

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