Well Sunday afternoon saw our storage area as complete as it is going to be for the time being. It was a monumental task and I admit at times I was near “greetin” The soul destroying task was made more difficult by the amount of plaster on the floor from a ceiling collapse or two . The remaining loose stuff was also removed. Thank goodness for an industrial hoover. Hopefully it will never happen again.

There is also a significant water leak which will be sorted soon but which I have contained in various artefacts most notably a 1940’s baby bath. This is made form a material similar to papier mache and is called Pulp Ware. Will keep an eye on it just in case it disintegrates. Will have to empty them all from time to time but there is a very handy skylight which saves a walk down the steep stairs. Only two responses to our request to launder some of our embroidered tablecloths, napkins etc. Will now have work towards creating a new exhibition to ring the changes. I will be there at least every weekday at least until our Easter opening so why not drop in to see what we are up to. Two of the pictures show the amazing amount of space now available. The messy one indicates what the whole area was like before. Thanks for your interest.

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