Hello again folks. As mentioned in Dunoon in old Photos herewith two items. The baby item is one of five identical ones with the exception of the embroidery – the work of a loving hand on what feels like an old woollen baby blanket. The other speaks for itself and was a well known Argyll St. shop. Getting there with work in anticipation of opening but a fair bit to go. Significant input today from Bud and Hector shifting items to the Recycling Centre. Great work, so quietly done that I did not realise they had left before tea break. Two batches of linen have been uplifted with another to follow on Friday. Really nice to have support. Cheryl, despite a very serious injury was again deeply involve in sorting out items of clothing.Very well done indeed. Had some unexpected visitors and was delighted with a nice donation from some people from Canada. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

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